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Dr. Patty Caldera holds a Doctorate in Pastoral Care.  She is a US Air Force veteran who served as a Tactical Aircraft Mechanic. She is now dedicated as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who uses brain-based therapy techniques, such as Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) and Amplified Emotional Processing (AEP), to aid in trauma-based recovery for her clients.

Patty holds a Masters Certification in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), developed by Dr. Jon Connelly in Florida.

Patty holds a Masters' Degree in Social Work.  She did her internship training under Dr. Danial Amen, world-renowned, brain SPECT Imaging Psychiatrist and ADD/ADHD expert, near Washington DC in 2006 to address brain basedl aspects in trauma recovery which inspired her to create her own specific approach to trauma called “AEP” – Amplified Emotional Processing.

AEP, Amplified Emotional Processing, is a technique that is designed to help those who do not wish to use traditional secular therapy methods or hypnosis to achieve more effective emotional balance. 

AEP is uniquely created to address many types of emotional needs that occur outside of all diagnosed personality disorders. Examples of personality disorders which AEP is not effective for include: Schizoaffective Personality Disorder, untreated Schizophrenia, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc.

The correlation between a balanced brain and a balanced life is underestimated. Patty’s experience in delivering these brain-based therapy models to clients has shown evidence that one is essential for the other to exist.

Patty’s background is in working with clients of all ages and with many variations of trauma. Her passion is treating trauma and seeing incredible results.

Patty also has unique first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing military families, service members & returning veterans, from having personal experience with an older brother was MIA during the Korean War.

Patty’s office provides scholarships for AEP or RRT sessions for Active Duty and Military Veterans upon request. Please call and request an application for one if you are in this category.

Additionally, AEP may be utilized by LCSW, MSW, LPC, LCPS, LMFT, LMT, CST, CARE Instructors, Pastors, Ministers, appointed church laymen/elders, or other licensed to touch professionals such as Dr's, RN's, Chiropractor, N.D. etc. Proof of license or letter of church appointment may be required for class attendance.


Patricka Caldera - LCSW, PH. D., MSW, LPC,

LMFT, CST, ScD., Doctorate of Pastoral Science, MCRRT,

Certified Amen Brain SPECT Analyst (CABSA),

FCCI - Fully CARE Certified International Instructor,

Creator and Instructor of AEP

Some of our services are covered by your Health Insurance or your Health Savings Account.