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Amaranth Counseling, LLC dba

Drops of Hope Integrative Care

Hope for Your Future with Mindful Health Alternatives

Like the brilliant color of the Amaranth flower, let our Hope never fade.

About Dr. Patty Caldera, PScD., DPSc., LCSW, LCSW, LSH, LPT, FCCI

Licensed Clinical Social Worker,

Doctorate of Pastoral Medical Science

Licensed Pastoral Therapist

RRT Masters Certified

EMDR Certified

Amen Brain Testing Certified

SPECT Brain Image Analysis Certified

ADD/ADHD & Autism Trusted Authority

Creator of AEP - Anointed Emotional Processing

Patty & Rudy the therapy dog who helps in trauma recovery

Hello, I am Patty Caldera and I am a brain based therapist and hold a Doctorate of Pastoral Medical Science and Pastoral Medical Therapy License through the Pastoral Medical Association International. Additionally I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Licensed in both MO & IL) and received my MSW from Saint Louis University. I am delighted to debut my own educational anointing technique for Emotional, Thought and Behavioral Resolution this fall called AEP - Anointed Emotional Processing. See AEP training page.

Odie is our resident therapy dog and LOVES to help those who need a bit of extra love.

I have been using Young Living essential Oils in my personal life for over ten years and actively in therapeutic practice with clients for seven years. Additionally, I have become a Fully CARE Certified Instructor for the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education teaching Raindrop Technique, Chemistry of Essential Oils, Applied Vitaflex, Emotional Release with Essential Oils and the CARE Emotional Release Retreat for several years now. 

Please join the Pastoral Medical Association prior to your appointment for non-traditional therapies. For more information please go to This is a wonderful private medical health association and the benefits you can receive by becoming a member are available for viewing there. All clients must register with PMAI to receive non-secular services in this clinic.

I believe that if your brain is not in it's best condition, then your life will not be either. I personally trained with and was certified by Dr. Danial Amen, world renowned brain SPECT Imaging Psychiatrist and ADD/ADHD expert in Reston, VA near Washington DC in 2006. You may have seen Dr Amen on PBS TV. As a result of my training I can offer in-depth Amen Brain Testing and evaluation to help you find your best working brain function through diet, exercise, essential oils and supplements.

I received my Masters of Social Work from Saint Louis University and obtained the Licensed Clinical Social Worker state designations for IL and MO. I have diverse clinical experience in working with clients of all ages. I dearly love providing proven therapeutic interventions to my clients of all ages from 5 to 100+ years!

I am also Master certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) developed by Dr. Jon Connelly of Florida. This new therapy is revolutionary for trauma, abuse, addictions, anxiety, frozen grief, guilt, anger and more. This technique is geared for those who wish to exclude essential oils and the Christian belief system.

It Cleared my guilt and shame from multiple rapes during my military service as an aircraft mechanic 30 years ago. It cleared my frozen grief left from my father's passing during my early years. It transformed my life!

It can resolve single issues in one to three sessions! The Results are truly phenomenal.

My clinical expertise includes: AEP developement, RRT and EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Behavioral techniques for Attention Deficit Disorders for children and adults, military family issues, sexual assault victims, victims of crime, Brain system analysis through SPECT imaging, women’s issues, and Christian family therapy. I incorporate many therapeutic interventions to optimize my client’s recovery and well being

Additionally, I am a veteran of the US Air Force who served as a Tactical Aircraft Mechanic and I have unique first hand knowledge of the challenges facing military families, service members & returning veterans. My brother was MIA during the Korean War - yes, my family is very wide in age range.

After the Air Force, I worked as a special education teacher, regular education teacher, and then MSW for the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office for Victim Services, and had another private practice therapy office in Illinois. I do provide many scholarships for AEP sessions with Active Duty and Military Veterans upon request. Please call and request an application for one if you are in this category.

I am proud to be the creator of AEP- Anointed Emotional Processing. I designed this technique to help those who do not wish to use traditional therapists or hypnosis. It is uniquely created to address most emotional needs when a personality disorder is not present. It may be utilized by LCSW, MSW, LPC, LCPS, LMFT, LMT, CST, CARE Instructors, Pastors, Ministers, appointed church laymen/elders, or other licensed to touch professionals such as Dr's, RN's, Chiropractor, N.D. etc. Proof of license or letter of church appointment may be required for class attendance.

What is AEP? Spiritually speaking, AEP is the active participation in prayer, anointing, and perspective changing to elicit the client’s desired response from their own soul while actively seeking God’s blessing.

Scientifically speaking, AEP is an essential oil anointed prayerful conversation in which the facilitator uses brain education, humorous stories, and prayerful anointing of essential oils while collaborating with the receiver to elicit the receivers desired outcome from the limbic system of the brain while connecting with Our Divine Creator.

AEP clears the client's identified problematic emotion, thought or behavior in typically 1 to 3 sessions. Most often only one session is required for any one identified problem as long as no diagnosed personality disorder is present.

The participation in session results in lasting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stability for sound appropriate emotional response to previously problematic thoughts, emotions, or behaviors.

What is RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy) is a revolutionary cutting-edge treatment designed to dis-connect the troublesome or painful emotion from the memory of the disturbing event which is at the root of emotional distress. If you have suffered for years and not found relief through traditional therapies, then this technique may work best for you. Or if you want to be DONE with your issue without the investment of time in traditional therapy, this therapy is the answer! It requires only one to three sessions per issue and resolves the issue entirely. I personally have benefited from this mode of therapy. Please call for special pricing and consideration. Some may receive "scholarship" Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence (ISSV)

For more information visit or or check out RRT on YouTube.

What is EMDR? (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) treatment has been around for 25+ years and has had high success rates in helping those suffering from traumas of their past. EMDR is rated as a category "A" therapeutic treatment for PTSD. If you would like more information on EMDR, then please go to the international website at

I am also currently writing a book on the use of Therapeutic Grade Essential oils with Psychotherapy. I have found that they help facilitate the modalities I use in therapy to ease the mind and make the work we do together much more effective.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you the best therapeutic mind, spirit and body experience possible. I love my job and I truly enjoy working with people who are ready to make the investment of time in themselves to optimize their lives.

My clinic is based on the belief that your needs are of the utmost importance and I am committed to meeting those needs when I am able. If it is determined that you require other specialty services, referral(s) will be provided.

*NEW* Location:

2230 Bluestone Drive

St Charles, MO 63303


Mon. - Fri. by appointment only

Sat. & Sun. by specially arranged appointments